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Friday, February 10, 2006

Opening Ceremonies!

I really, really enjoy watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, probably to an unhealthy degree. Something always get me excited to see the teams come out in their hideous gear for the parade of nations and to witness the bizarre performance art put on by the host city.

The ceremonies actually just started over in Italy, at around 2pm eastern time, though we don't get to see them until NBC lets us. In addition to Pavarotti singing, here's what's in store:

The ceremony is also expected to include futuristic performers zipping around on roller blades with flames shooting from the back of their helmets. The show will be produced by Marco Balich, who is a veteran of U2, Pink Floyd and Whitney Houston concerts.

There also will be the usual acrobatics and fireworks. In a break from past Winter Games, however, no ice will be used.

That sounds pretty tame, but it would be hard to top the freak show that was the start of the Athens games in 2004.