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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Swann Kicks Off Campaign for PA Governor

Are you ready for an excess of football metaphors applied to a political race?

Swannblog (link via InstaPundit)is a Red State production, tracking NFL Hall of Famer Lynn Swann's now-official run for governor of Pennsylvania. (Swann basically announced his political plans in his final sideline report during the closing moments of ABC's Sugar Bowl coverage the other night--what better time and place to make things official?) Here's the official campaign site.

In keeping with this blog's alleged theme of the intersection of sports and politics, I will be following Swann's campaign closely. Back when the Swann for Governor rumors picked up steam a few months ago, I had these thoughts:

ESPN is currently fronting a story on former Pittsburgh Steeler/NFL Hall of Famer/ABC sideline analyst for college football games Lynn Swann and his aspiration to become governor of Pennsylvania. Personally, I've always thought Swann sounds mildly retarded when he speaks on the TV, and I would've thought the Republicans had learned their lesson after the Arnold fiasco in California. I guess there's a great appeal to a guy who is the GOP's Next Black Hope, now that J.C. Watts has faded into obscurity after tiring of being the party's token black guy.

Should be a fun circus to follow.