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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Romney's Out

Oh, praise Jesus, it's official: Mitt Romney isn't running for reelection. It would've been interesting to see him try to get reelected after he's been traveling all over the country bashing Massachusetts for several months.

A few choice reactions to the announcement:

"Bill Weld wanted to vacation in Mexico. Paul Cellucci fled to Canada. Jane Swift was banished from office. And now Romney has set his sights on Washington. ... Once again, a Republican governor is abandoning Massachusetts. Next year, we will make sure voters elect a Democrat who will be invested in this Commonwealth and all of its citizens." -- Phil Johnston, chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

"Today's announcement confirms what we have known for a long time -- that Mitt Romney is not interested in the job of governor of Massachusetts." -- Deval Patrick, former Clinton administration lawyer and Democratic candidate for governor.

"He made the right decision for Massachusetts. This is about our future, not his future. His focus has been elsewhere and he's become a distraction. He's held us back." -- Attorney General Tom Reilly, a Democratic candidate for governor.

Romney laughably claims that he's done everything he wanted to do while in office, so even though he loves his job and has accomplished lots of great things, he's stepping down. If he's really God's gift to the commonwealth, why not stick around for another term and bestow upon Massachusetts residents four more years of his beneficent governance?

Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, he hasn't made up his mind about running for president. I look forward to watching Romney debase himself in 2008.