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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Music in Iran

The ban on Western music by Iran's new psycho president has been gotten me reading a bit and learning about a foreign culture. For instance:

The move will silence the hip-hop that can frequently be heard blaring from car radios in Tehran's streets.

It means music including Rush, by Eric Clapton, and Hotel California, by the Eagles, both of which regularly accompany Iranian broadcasts, will be outlawed.

Who knew the Iranians liked classic rock and hip hop? Continuing on:

Earlier this month, Ali Rahbari, the conductor of Tehran's symphony orchestra, resigned and left Iran to protest against the treatment of the music industry the country.

In his farewell concerts, he played Beethoven's ninth symphony to near sellout crowds over several nights - the work's first performances in Tehran since 1979.

The concerts angered many conservatives, prompting newspaper columns that accused Mr Rahbari of promoting western values.

These people were offended by Beethoven concerts--not exactly gangsta rap, last time I checked.

MORE: TCS with a more clever title, "Hearing Beethoven in Tehran".