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Monday, December 26, 2005

Monday Night Football

The Monday Night Football "finale" that is on ABC right now seems overblown to me in light of the fact that Monday night NFL games will continue to be televised next year on ESPN, and network primetime telecasts will continue with NBC's Sunday night games. Despite that, I am a sucker for watching old footage of football on TV, and I am feeling a touch nostalgic for my childhood when, as a boy in the second and third grade, I would watch the 9pm opening of MNF while tucked into bed from a little black and white set on a bedside table. It was so exciting and I was sad to be a little kid who had to go to sleep before halftime.

As a side note, one Alex Karras served as a color commentator for Monday Night Football during a few years in the 1970s (I get search engine hits for "Alex Karras" now and then). Karras, an All-Pro with the Detroit Lions went on to have an acting career, notably as the adoptive father George of Emmanuel Lewis on "Webster" and including appearances in Porky's, Blazing Saddles, MASH, and even as host of Saturday Night Live in 1985. Based on this impressive resume, I am OK with being the second most prominent Karras on the internet.