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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

MNF, Part 2

I'm getting lots of hits today based on my Monday Night Football post, so I'll briefly add that I agree in full with Peter King who explains why he considers the MNF "finale" a non-event that wasn't worth writing his column about:

I understand this is the last Monday Night Football game on ABC. I have noticed the long pieces on TV and in the papers about ABC not doing the games anymore. In fact, a higher-up at SI.com suggested I use this week's column to give my thoughts on the last Monday nighter at ABC. Here's why I didn't: Do you, as readers, care? Do you, as talk-show callers, care? I don't think so. I listen to talk shows and I haven't heard one caller, not a single one, call and wax eloquently about the end of an era in TV sports. Look, the Monday night games have had an impact on the league, but the biggest impact was in the Cosell days. There's still going to be Monday night football next year, though the package won't be as impressive as the Sunday games.

And so the bottom line is this: Fans are going to turn the TV on to watch good football games. They don't care if they're on ABC or ESPN or NBC. They care if the games are good. They also don't care, I've found, who the announcers are. No one looks in the TV listings and says: "Wow, John Madden's doing the game! I'm watching!" Or on Sundays, no one picks a game on dueling networks because Phil Simms is analyzing one and Randy Cross the other. That's why I'm not writing about the last Monday night game on ABC.

You have to click "continue article" five times to get to the last page of the article where this passage appears, but trust me, it's there, and it's right.