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Friday, December 16, 2005

Lame Duck Watch

Both the Globe and Herald have now called for Mitt Romney's resignation since he obviously has no interest in being the governor of Massachusetts and is focusing on running for president--way to step up, newspapers, I'm so proud of you guys!

Romney has rejected these calls, even though he was agitating for John Kerry to resign from the senate last year. The important difference, of course, is that John Kerry was facing a real prospect of losing the presidential race, in which case he would continue on as senator, as he has. Romney is just flat-out leaving office because he doesn't much care for being governor. Massachusetts needs someone committed to the job.

Romney is a Fraud notes the series of misleading statements Romney has made about his 2006 intentions. What will happen to that blog now that Mitt is on his way out? Ben has another blog ready to go, though I think there will be plenty of inanity to continue chronicling as Romney debases himself before Republic primary voters. (NRO sent Mitt a love letter yesterday.)