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Friday, December 23, 2005

Know Thy Neighbor

Via these guys (somehow I am on the leftyblogs "Massachusetts Blogwire" with them and others) I got the link to a list of people who signed the anti-gay marriage petition. I have been checking to see if anyone I know signed the thing.

Know thy Neighbor has disseminated this public information on the theory that we should know if our neighbors are against equal rights for homosexuals. Opponents have been calling this an intimidation tactic in the papers, but if the info is truly public, I don't see why there should be any expectation of privacy (it reminds me of another site, in fact). The fraud concerns are the (at least stated) reason why Mass Equality has posted the names as well, albeit only searchable by town and without the addresses.

This is an interesting move since it may well be that people will favor discriimnation against gays so long as they don't have to publicly avow their support for such public policies. If their positions become known among the people they associate with, though, some may not be so committed to the ballot initiative. The magic of the internets...