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Friday, December 23, 2005

2005 Retrospectives, Part 2

Kos linked up Arianna Huffington's list of things she would rather forget about 2005, part one and part two. This serves as a reminder of how much crap has gone down in the '05. A quick list of items Arianna covers: Bill Frist's video diagnosis of Terry Schiavo, Frist's stock trades, high gas prices, the bankruptcy bill, Harriet Miers, Jeff Gannon, Judy Miller in jail, Scooter Libby indicted, Bob Woodward disgraced, Bush asking Condi for a bathroom break at the UN, the torture debate, Dick Cheney declaring the insurgency's "last throes", Jean Schmidt declaring John Murtha a coward, the NSA spying story, Hillary Clinton tilting conservative, Tom Cruise going nuts, intelligent design, Duke Cunningham, Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank, the Hurricane Katrina debacle, the over-the-top John Paul II praise when he died, Bush ignoring Cindy Sheehan, Bush appointing John Bolton during a senate recess, Karl Rove, Natalee Holloway, Michael Jackson, Nick and Jessica, Brad and Jen, Pat Robertson advocating the assassination of the president of Venezuela... You get the idea. Arianna seems to have forgotten the runaway bride and Tom DeLay's indictment somehow. Too much badness to cover, even in her two posts, I guess.