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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

2005 Retrospectives, Part 1

I'll probably be linking up a bunch of 2005 retrospective articles in the next week since there is unlikely to be much other news. It's the time of year where even minor stories get huge attention because there's nothing else to feed the news cycle.

With that introduction, I give you Page 2's annual The Year in Sports and Sex. A sampling from August:

Sports Illustrated asks 50 PGA Tour players if they'd abstain from sex for a year in return for a win in a major. Thirty-eight percent say they would. One player thinks the question is too vague. "With my wife?" he retorts.

Apparently the PGA has groupies. Don't miss the reference to German zoos either, though I am disappointed at the lack of details about the Vikings' love boat situation. In case you want a rather graphic description of what transpired on Lake Minnetonka in October, read this.

On a far less sexy note, Roger Ebert's top 10 movies of 2005 is also available for your internet surfing pleasure. He rates Crash #1 (even though IMdb says it came out in 2004?). Naturally, I haven't seen it. More 2005 nostalgia to come...