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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

NFL on TV Follies

I know no one cares, but the Washington, DC, NFL TV situation seems designed to drive me insane. Yesterday I was treated to the Redskins pasting of the 49ers at 1pm (wow, San Francisco really does suck!), while CBS, which had yesterday's doubleheader rights went with ... infomercials. Almost as exciting as the Steelers-Bengals or Eagles-Chargers games, really.

At 4pm, magically, CBS picked up the Eagles-Chargers game with a few minutes left, but cut away from that with Philly facing a 4th down play late to go to commercials and then the 4:15 start of the Bears-Ravens slugfest. I missed the crazy ending in Philadelphia so that I could be shown Jamal Lewis getting stuffed repeatedly--thanks. And this switching all happened with no announcement as to what the hell was happening. Who has the idea of just showing a few minutes of the fourth quarter of a game in a major TV market as a broadcasting strategy?

Add to this the Miami-KC game being moved to Friday, the lack of a Sunday night game and the Patriots bye and it seemed a rather empty NFL Sunday to me. At least the World Series was good fun last night and now I'm enjoying the demise of the Jets, so all is not lost.