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Monday, October 10, 2005

Delay the ALCS

So says Buster Olney in an ESPN Insider piece that I can't read beyond the first few paragraphs.

No matter who wins Game 5 between the Angels and Yankees, they will go into the American League Championship Series on fumes. Both teams will play deep into Monday night, probably exhaust their bullpens, and at about 2 a.m. ET, either the Yankees or the Angels will jet to Chicago, where they will have about three winks worth of sleep before starting the ALCS against the White Sox.

Of course no delay will happen because the TV people have long since decided when the games will take place. You have to like Chicago's chances to grab a lead in the series.

Peter King also lit into the New Orleans Saints for giving up 52 points (and more generally giving up) against Green Bay:

I'll puke if I hear one media guy say, "Well, of course they struggled for the last month and got waxed in Green Bay; what do you expect from a team that's been made a bunch of orphans because of the hurricane?" Wait: I just puked. Chris Berman said: "The Saints are going to have some days like this. They're only human." Professional humans, Chris. Don't give me that crap about it being okay to lose by 49 to a winless team. I don't care if they've got home games in the Himalayas. No team, and I mean no team, should have put on a horsecrap performance like the Saints put on.

Chris Berman is embarrassing to watch these days. He made a painfully bad "brick in the wall" reference during his "Swami" segment on SportsCenter last week, and I think I would sue if I were Pink Floyd.