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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Rehnquist Should've Retired

Come on, when you have thyroid cancer, you have to realize your days are numbered and you should step aside. Thanks to his stubborness, Rehnquist has now assured that there won't be a chief justice in place for the start of the term.

Oh yeah, RIP and all that. I find it mildly amusing that all of the Democrats, in searching for something about Rehnquist to praise in their statements on his passing, have cited his defense of an independent judiciary. That shows, by implication, that there's basically nothing in the substance of his jurisprudence that progressives will celebrate. From Brown v. Board to Roe v. Wade to Bush v. Gore, William Rehnquist was on the wrong side of almost every major issue he had a hand in. I say good riddance, from the standpoint of his legal views, with all of my condolences to his family, of course.