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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Arctic Action Day"

I noticed a rally down by Congress today and overheard some stuff about ANWR. It must have been part of "Arctic Action Day". The speaker I listened to for a minute pointed out that Dwight Eisenhower founded ANWR 35 years ago. Well, at least here heart seemed to be in the right place, if not her facts. Eisenhower's presidency was over in 1961 and he died in 1969--36 years ago.

Much as I would like to do so, I won't be attending the big antiwar rally in DC this Saturday since I'll be out of town Thursday-Saturday. The antiwar stuff is coinciding with the IMF/World Bank protests, so there should be plenty of activist types descending on the capital in a few days. I'm sure other blogs will cover it extensively, rest assured (though without my subtle wit and keen observation skills, but what can you do?).