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Monday, August 08, 2005

Smoking Is Unhealthy? No Kidding!

CJR rounds up the Jennings RIP bloggage and notes, "Others, thankfully, took time to reflect on different things in the wake of Jennings' death, among them the dangers of smoking." Is this really some great revelation? Plenty of famous people have died from smoking-related health problems in the past--do we really think this will change anything? I've seen some of the cable news nets doing medical stories on smoking today, like Jennings died of some previously unknown malady.

My other note on Jennings is that I'm astonished to learn he never went to school after 10th grade. How the hell did he pull that off? You could never do that and get a good job today, I'm fairly confident. Anyway, Jennings was my favorite of the big three anchors--all of whom were in place from my earliest memory but now are all gone within the span of a year--and I'll miss his presence on the evening news (yes, I am the only twentysomething in the United States who sometimes watches those shows).

Who gets the big chair on ABC now? I think they've been grooming Terry Moran for the job, though maybe he's not ready and they'll put in Ted Koppel for a little while, kind of like Schieffer's caretaker role at CBS. I have no basis for this speculation whatsoever, and the people who would have such bases are so far keeping away from it, lest they appear disrespectful doing so before the funeral even, which I guess isn't so surprising.

UPDATE: Never mind the lack of succession talk, the NYT business page leads with that on Tuesday.