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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pirric Defeat

In more fun news, Jeanine Pirro is taking on Hillary in the '06 NY Senate race, which should be entertaining, so long as Pirro can get all of her scripted remarks together and avoid 32-second pauses in future appearances. The Times is priceless in recounting Pirro's kickoff event yesterday:

Facing reporters, Ms. Pirro ignored a question about whether she would take campaign donations from her husband, who is a prominent Republican donor, or let him raise money toward her goal of at least $30 million for the Senate race. Some political candidates rebuff donors with criminal records.

"Some" do, but probably not Pirro, since her husband--notably absent yesterday--has a rather checkered past.

Mr. Pirro, who was said to be working at his lobbying practice yesterday, and who may join her for a homecoming rally in White Plains tomorrow, has proved to be a liability at times in Ms. Pirro's 30-year career. He fathered a child with another woman in the 1990's and served 11 months in federal prison for his tax fraud conviction over returns Ms. Pirro also signed. (She was never charged with any wrongdoing.)

Keep in mind, Jeanine Pirro is the district attorney for Westchester County, and she's married to an ex-con, whose fraudulent tax returns she signed. Nice!

And a big screw you to the members of the media who feel the need to compare Pirro's husband to Bill Clinton. Al Pirro went to jail for a year. Bill Cinton was impeached by a rabidly partisan Congress but not convicted by the Senate. Al Pirro knocked up another woman. Bill Clinton stuck with the oral sex with Lewinsky and didn't even come to fruition (except for on the infamous blue dress). One man is a popular ex-president, the other an ex-con. Can we please hold off on these insulting husband comparisons for the next year-plus?