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Thursday, August 11, 2005

I Don't Support "America Supports You"

News of the propaganda walk/country music show to mark 9/11 this year sickens me. I wonder how close I can get to protest the thing--probably not very.

Digaman on MeFi notes how strange it is that the walk on 9/11 is to salute the troops in Iraq, since Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. Then there's the fact that the "celebration of freedom" requires registering with a name/address. Do you think I would be prohibited from walking if I showed up wearing an anti-Bush t-shirt that day? I strongly dislike the people running this country right about now.

This leads into my response to Christopher Hitchens, who berates liberals for supposedly wanting to lose in Iraq. I don't want to "lose" in Iraq, whatever that means, since there's no clear definition of winning either. What I do want is to minimize the death and destruction, which the Bush admin has botched pretty badly thus far. I also want the people who supported this catastrophe to admit they were disastrously wrong to do so because then we're less likely to have similar disasters in the future. I'm not seeing much contrition when the idiots in charge are planning self-congratulatory parades and rallies like the abomination that is coming to DC a month from today.