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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Stalking Steve Bartman

I'm surprised ESPN.com would publish a story about how its reporter stalked Steve Bartman by waiting outside his house, following him in his car, and eventually accosting him in a parking garage by his workplace. That doesn't seem like totally above-board journalism to me.

One useful thing that this debut "E-Ticket" (ESPN.com's "new weekend feature") does is tell fans the exact location of the Bartman seat: Aisle 4, row 8, seat 113. If you're heading to Wrigley any time soon, you might want to request that one, or at least stop by there during batting practice for a look.

Also, this is wrong since Michelle Wie is only 15, but I had to laugh at the headline and subhead on a Chicago Tribune article yesterday: "Topped by Wie, partners stay in good humor:
'She's going to beat a lot of guys the rest of her life,' says one."