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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Live8 Follies

Eric Alterman sums up my thoughts on Live8 nicely with a short play:

Scene: The G-8 Meeting. Characters: George and Tony.

Tony: Hey George.

George: Hey Tony.

Tony: So George, I see your country gives a paltry 0.16 percent of GDP for development aid to poor nations, making you like, the most selfish people in the world. How about giving billions and billions instead so we can "make poverty history."

George: Um, no. I’d rather spend it on war.

Tony: But George, a whole lot of rock stars think we should. Of course they didn’t give any money themselves, and they didn’t bother to raise any either, but they played a bunch of big concerts and lots of people watched and the MTV and VH1 VJs were all talking about how cool it was. Pink Floyd re-united and stuff. Madonna was great even though she was a little potty mouthed. And Paul and Bono played Sgt. Pepper. Anyway, it was bloody wonderful. We all held hands and sang Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na. Na, Na, Na, Na. Heyyyyy Jude at the end, even the VJs….

George. Oh, OK, I’m convinced. Forget about the war. Here’s the money.

The end.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for throwing kickass concerts, let's just not get too messianic about it.

If not the music, then maybe a romantic comedy set at the G-8 will convince the leaders of what to do! (Actually a funny movie, it's just the preachy bits came off as...preachy.)