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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Larry Brown or Bozo the Clown?

It's worth a look through this SI slide show on Larry Brown's many different coaching stops--and how he seems to say it's his "last job" every time. It also features some horribly garish outfits, the worst of which is this one:

I have a very hard time imagining that a mere three decades ago it was socially acceptable to dress that way.

Sorry I've not been posting much of late. To make it up to you, I'll link a post from the still-active Matt Yglesias TypePad site that, in turn, links some botched Star Wars translations. Very funny, click it (I guess the silly stuff isn't acceptable for the wonks at TPM Cafe).

And via Open Mike (the MSNBC site's sports blog), I found a blog with an elimination tournament to crown the most annoying ESPN announcer. See the whole March Madness-like bracket here (PDF link). It's a lot of fun for people like me whose lives consist of watching sports on TV with occasional breaks to do other things like work, eat, sleep or visit the bathroom (with the sound up).

Finally, on Manny Ramirez's latest bizarre behavior, Gordon Edes nails it in the Globe today:

Sports Illustrated's highly respected Tom Verducci said Ramirez asked to be traded because he had no privacy in Boston. This from a guy who recently allowed the Globe Magazine to run a spread on his son's bedroom.

Here's the link to pictures of Manny Jr.'s room too.