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Monday, June 13, 2005

Please Stand By

Been busy of late, so much so that I haven't even watched the first two NBA Finals games, which comes before blogging in my priorities list. Sorry, my bloggy friends, I will be back soon.

For now, I'll briefly note that I found Fred Hiatt's WaPo column refreshing today, even if I'm too lazy to excerpt it. In brief, it's on why saying the US torturers aren't as bad as the terrorists isn't good enough.

I note for no reason at all today that the only web site I could find at work to give me a decent feed of the live Michael Jackson verdict coverage was CBS News. Don't the people in charge of such things anticipate that there will be millions of users jamming the online feeds of audio and video when such an event comes down? Shouldn't they make bandwith plans for this?

Went to a WNBA game Friday night, which was something I wanted to do once, and now I have. The crowd, I have to say, was quite enthusiastic, making some decent noise in a half-filled stadium. The whole event was painfully family-friendly, though. That league needs to have an Adults Night where they bring out sexy dancers at halftime, play the rap music without the edits and push the alcohol sales more.

And on that wholesome note, I'm getting some rest.