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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

No, Here's to You, Unoriginal Headline Writers

As when Arthur Miller died, the obits for the recently deceased Anne Bancroft, aka "Mrs. Robinson," are a little lacking in the creativity department:

"So here's to you, Mrs Robinson, the seducer of a generation" (Sydney Morning Herald)
"And here's to you, Ms Bancroft" (Times of London)
"`Graduate' co-star dies: Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson" (San Jose Mercury News)
"And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson: Anne Bancroft recalled as a 'consummate actress'" (Newsday)
"And Here's to You ... Remembering Anne Bancroft" (Slate)
"Here's to you, Mrs. Bancroft" (Film Stew)
"Here's to you Mrs Robinson..." (Glasgow Evening Times)
"So here's to you, Mrs Robinson..." (Scotsman)

This one is better for using a less-obvious lyric:

"Sultry Mrs Robinson has left and gone away - oscar-winner anne bancroft dies of cancer" (Telegraph, Calcutta, India)

Then there's this:

"The Oscar-winning actress who hated being called 'Mrs Robinson' dies aged 73" (The Independent)

So much for respecting the wishes of the dead!

(Thanks to the invaluable Google News.)