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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The NBA Playoffs Need to End

That way, we won't be subjected to any more Matt Yglesias columns like this one, good grief. It's tied late in the 3rd quarter as I write.

While I normally enjoy reading the Prospect, I also disagreed with Mike Tomasky's piece yesterday, in which he called out the Republicans who didn't bother to co-sponsor the lynching apology.

"I don't think I'll get in the business of apologizing for acts that previous Senates took," said Cochran, who holds the Senate seat once occupied by James Eastland, one of the most virulently open racists in the Senate's history.

Is it Cochran's fault that a senator who preceded him was such a bastard? And how far back does this go? Should there be an apology for slavery too, or all the crap that was done to the Indians, and ever other terrible wrong that has occurred throughout history? I don't even see how a senate action against lynching back in the day could've helped without good local law enforcement which was obviously lacking. I assume murder was illegal back then too.

So in short, I'm against all of the official apology stuff. Call it one of my handful of liberal heresies.

Again on Tomasky for a second, he writes, "Most notably, both Mississippi senators, Thad Cochran and Trent Lott, opposed it." This is flatly false. If they had "opposed" the apology, it couldn't have passed on a voice vote. Their "opposition" consisted entirely of not signing on as co-sponsors to the thing. This becomes clear if you read the Times Week in Review, which also mentions the George Allen thing I noted below.

There are really plenty of retrograde racial views out there to bluster about without concocting things like this.