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Monday, June 27, 2005

Hope for the Future

When I hear that the people of San Antonio, Texas, went crazy for Tony Parker's French rap at the NBA victory parade/rally, I think that maybe this world isn't in so much trouble after all.

Meanwhile across the country, the Philly sports fans sure know how to welcome back a former manager:

In other sporting news, there was so much grunting going on in my gym earlier this evening, I thought that someone was watching the women's Wimbeldon matches on the TV. Thanks, I'll be here all week.

I wish the Supreme Court drama queens would go ahead and say if they're staying or going already. I wonder if they have such egos that they will make an announcement tomorrow--wouldn't want the media attention on them to be fragmented by the Ten Commandments and Grokster decisions!

Too tired to write much else now, will try to do better soon. You can see my first 15 minutes of work on a Yahoo! 360 page here. No word yet on whether Anderson Cooper plans to sue them over the name.