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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Game Seven and Age 19

Wow, this must be the most exciting NBA Finals since that unforgettable Houston-New York slugfest 11 years ago. Actually, my most enduring memory of that series was that one of the games was preempted for the most part so that NBC could cover OJ and the Bronco chase. Never mind.

I really have enjoyed the last two games, though, which coincidentally are the first two games I've bothered watching most of. And like I said before they tipped this series off, Spurs in seven.

While it's nice that the league now has a labor deal in place, it's also too bad that it has to be marred by the imposition of a new age limit of 19, plus the rule that US players have to be a year out of high school to be draft eligible. I won't re-hash my previous comment on this issue here, only adding that I wish LeBron James and Amare Stoudemire--two of the last three NBA rookies of the year and now 2nd Team All-NBA guys in their second and third years respectively--were going head-to-head in the Finals this week. That would rather effectively point out the idiocy of David Stern's position.