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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Feelin' Drafty

Tonight, as the young men on ESPN embarked on their professional basketball careers at the NBA Draft in New York, the president's speech over on the news networks reiterated that we don't need a mililtary draft since there's no need for more troops in Iraq. But then Bush seemed to contradict this point, as Wonkette noted:

8:30: Wait, we don't need any more troops, but, you know, PLEASE ENLIST NOW.

The speech was the same old song and dance, for the most part--support the troops, stay the course, don't cut and run, the terrorists are evil, we're awesome, etc. The only "new" stuff is as follows:
To further prepare Iraqi forces to fight the enemy on their own, we are taking three new steps:

First, we are partnering Coalition units with Iraqi units. These Coalition-Iraqi teams are conducting operations together in the field. These combined operations are giving Iraqis a chance to experience how the most professional armed forces in the world operate in combat.

Second, we are embedding Coalition "Transition Teams" inside Iraqi units. These teams are made up of Coalition officers and non-commissioned officers who live, work, and fight together with their Iraqi comrades. Under U.S. command, they are providing battlefield advice and assistance to Iraqi forces during combat operations. Between battles, they are assisting the Iraqis with important skills - such as urban combat, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance techniques.

Third, we are working with the Iraqi Ministries of Interior and Defense to improve their capabilities to coordinate anti-terrorist operations. We are helping them develop command and control structures. We are also providing them with civilian and military leadership training, so Iraq's new leaders can more effectively manage their forces in the fight against terror.

I won't pretend to know anything about military strategy, but these seem like sensible things we should've been doing already. Amazingly, in a half-hour speech that was supposedly going to clarify how to fix the mess in Iraq, that was it for the fresh material.

Enough of that crap before I get depressed. Check Simmons tomorrow for the annual NBA Draft diary, in which I hope he mentions my favorite moments, which has to be the interview with Chris Paul's brother. The elder Mr. Paul said that he and Chris used to play as kids and the games would inevitably generate into fights. Once Chris even went and grabbed a knife, his brother confided! "But it was all love." Really? I would consider threatening a sibling with a knife crossing a line, but that's just me. This was followed by Stu Scott touting Paul's class in the interview with the draftee--the same guy who punched Julius Hodge in the groin and got himself suspended for the ACC tournament, for those keeping score at home.

That, and the fact that Jay Bilas keeps telling us every player's wingspan kills me. "He's only 6-2, but he has a 7-4 wingspan!"