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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dorking out on Time's "50 Coolest Web Sites"

I had a look at the list and found a few goodies on there that I may want to revisit. I'm going to give Mercora a try, having used Last.fm and Radio Sonicnet (before it sold out to The Man).

This video search site made the list and looks promising. I've noticed that CNN.com has been pushing its free video updates hard lately; the video stuff keeps on growing, soon I wonder how much we'll be reading online at all.

I may as well mention the pretty new Technorati design.

I've been meaning to screw around on MSN Spaces for a while now--I may show what I've done some time in the near future. Also, if anyone out there can get me an invitation to try out Yahoo 360, which is still in beta testing, drop me a line at dimmykarras@yahoo.com, thanks.