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Monday, May 16, 2005

Useless Poll Results

The Boston Globe went all out covering the one-year anniversary of the Mass gay marriage court decision, but the polling leaves a lot to be desired.

For the question "What is the most important reason you approve of allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry?" the answer choices include "It's their choice", "Equal rights", "Not my business", and "Same as straight marriage." How those four differ from one another isn't entirely clear. Saying something is someone else's choice and not your business is basically the same thing. Saying there should be equality and that heterosexual and homosexual couples are the "same thing" are roughly equivalent statements too.

For the opposite question, "What is the most important reason you disapprove of allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry?", the answer choices include "Religious/moral reasons", "Marriage is between men and women", and "hurts family", which are similarly categories with blurry distinctions at best.

Unfortunately, these semantic issue mean the polling data are of limited utility. I can't exactly say how the polling could be done much better either, which means we're likely flying blind as we try to assess and respond to public attitudes on this issue (not that polls should determine political positions, but it is important in trying to package a communications strategy and at least to explain outcomes).

OK, done posting for now, I swear--could you tell I missed blogging these last five days?