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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Tale of Two Pictures

From today's Globe article on one year of gay marriage:

There was the usual chaos that comes with a group photo, as several hundred same-sex couples and their kids squeezed onto a Boston Common staircase yesterday. Then someone at the top of the steps started singing the Beatles' ''All You Need is Love." And soon, the whole group was singing along, voices carrying out in unison over the Common. ...

A few blocks away on City Hall Plaza, opponents of same-sex marriage also marked the date. A woman wearing a judge's robe and blond wig -- to resemble Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Margaret Marshall, who wrote the November 2003 decision allowing same-sex marriage -- frowned and tore up a fake constitution. She and about 15 others gathered at City Hall for a press conference, holding signs and wearing black armbands that read, ''RIP marriage."

To review, that's several hundred versus 15 or so. Looks like most of the crazies who were claiming this heralded the end of the world a year ago have now figured out they were wrong.