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Monday, May 16, 2005

Starr Turn

I saw Ken Starr discussing his victory in the wine shipping case earlier tonight on the Abrams Report and I found it so odd that here is Ken Starr, who tried so hard to bring down the president, on TV talking about something else as if the 1990s unpleasantness never occurred (interesting sidelight: Starr refused to endorse the nuclear option, saying he hoped the Senate found some other compromise). Of course, this is America, where people can do bad things in past lives and return a few years later as respected media figures. For example, Oliver North is presently in Iraq doing reports for Fox News.

I also find it rather silly that the wine decision is being hailed as some sort of victory for the small wineries that are struggling to get by with the nonsensical shipping rules. I agree the shipping restrictions are dumb, but let's call this a victory for the people who are pushing the agenda: rich wine snobs like the ecstatic Dan Abrams. I have a feeling most hourly wage workers aren't going to start special ordering their Cabernets from California now. This is probably not the prime example of how litigation concerning economic regulation can benefit the little guy.