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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Senator Tom Bray

Yet another signal that the QB for the Super Bowl champs is headed for public office down the line came in an interview for This Week:

Whatever I've chosen to do in my athletic career, and hopefully in my post-athletic career, I'm going to want to inspire people to do more and to encourage them to be better people, to be better Americans, to be better representatives of this great country that we live in.

I think I enjoy the leadership aspects. I enjoy the greater good, I think, of what this country has to offer. And really, the things that I feel are fulfilling for me are beyond throwing a football. It's making influence in people's lives. And if that's politics, that's politics.

Why is Brady such a fixture at the White House Correspondents' Dinner? Last time I checked he didn't write for a newspaper. This all is nothing new, of course.

Brady is such a Republican too. He's going to end up ruining my fond memories of his playing days if he becomes a wingnut senator 15 years from now.