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Monday, May 23, 2005

Not Nuked!

This compromise makes no sense but at least crisis has been averted for now:

The agreement said future judicial nominees should "only be filibustered under extraordinary circumstances," with each senator — presumably the Democrats — holding the discretion to decide when those conditions had been met.

And what happens when the senators differ over whether such "extraordinary circumstances" exist? Stupid, stupid.

Blogging of stupidity, what was up with the cots being rolled into the senate this afternoon? As if it were anything new for a major legislative matter to be voted on in the middle of the night. The GOP Congress has only passed every major bill it's had in the wee hours (recall the Medicare vote-buying on the House floor at 4 in the morning, which I think is where that sausage factory analogy comes in).

Of course, the TV morons lap up the pictures of the cots coming in like the obedient zombies they are.

Part of me feels coming closer to meltdown would've been better. The political fallout would've been much greater then, giving Dems more of a campaign issue and possibly avoiding these judges who will now get through. Instead this looks like it will die with a whimper.