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Monday, May 23, 2005

Newsweek Hates America!

Your right-wing blogosphere concocted controversy of the week: a cover of Newsweek's Japanese edition from three and a half months ago with an American flag in a trash can. Funny how no one noticed this until the magazine became the focus of so much criticism last week over the Koran-toilet story.

International editions often have different editorial staff and content, so it's wrong to attribute the Japan edition to Newsweek's team in the US. It's also a plain fact that a lot of the rest of the world isn't so keen on what the US has been up to for a while now--sorry to break it to you guys! Many of us who are not blind adherents of the president also aren't very fond of what this country's leadership has done, and we want the ol' US of A to get back to representing what we believe to be true American values.

In other words, the symbolism of that cover makes sense. It's not a violent, hateful image, but a sad one.