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Saturday, May 07, 2005

MVP, eh?

Canada may be suffering from the lack of an NHL playoff this year, but they do have the NBA MVP in the person of Phoenix Sun Steve Nash. (It seems strange to me that ESPN has been reporting this in advance of the official announcement Sunday on ABC's telecast--why would they bigfoot their parent network's big news like that?)

Good as Nash's season has been, I don't think he's the MVP of the league by a long shot. I agree with Bill Simmons:

If Steve Nash was really the 2005 MVP, then why did his old team win six more games this year than they did last year? Seems a little curious, no?

By comparison, Shaquille O'Neal turned a barely .500 Miami team into the East's #1 seed while his Lakers, finalists a year ago, will be in the lottery. Hmmm.

I also firmly believe that Jason Kidd and several other NBA point guards could feed Amare Stoudemire for all those dunks without much trouble. The Suns' lineup is stacked and they play a run-and-gun style that inflates offensive stats. It's not like Nash plays much defense either. I think the best point in the league this year was Allen Iverson, without whom his team would be atrocious.

In any case, the likeable Nash has enough media friends to get himself the hardware, so there it is. It's interesting now to look back at Mark Cuban's reasons for not re-signing Nash last offseason.