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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Kwame Clown

What is up with a guy quitting on his team during the playoffs? And what is up with it getting on page A1 of the Post today?

Let's fire up the discussion: was Kwame Brown the worst #1 pick in NBA history? He makes Michael Olowokandi look like a reasonable selection.

Amazingly, Brown isn't the only one to do this after Bonzi Wells skipped shootaround and got himself suspended for the Grizzlies' final playoff game Sunday.

This is part of the larger trend of NBA players doing whatever the hell they want, perfectly demonstrated by Latrell Sprewell turning down an eight-figure salary because has "[has] to feed [his] family."

I'm referring to these bizarre trade situations we've seen all year where guys don't go to the teams they get traded to and end up free agents. Jim Jackson did this, refusing to report to New Orleans, and now he's with Phoenix. Gary Payton declined to go to Atlanta when he was traded to the Hawks; he ended up back with the Celtics. And of course there's Alonzo Mourning, who refused to go to Toronto and is now in Miami, leaping and pumping his fist every time he gets a rebound. In a nice bit of symmetry, Mourning was part of the trade that sent confessed underachiever Vince Carter to the Nets.

Please, guys, just go play hard and be happy you get to do this and make a ton of money.

I know the world may be going to hell around us, but I'm chiefly concerned with the NBA playoffs these days, personally. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment expressed by the WonkDad in this email.