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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Huffington Post

Arianna Huffington's new site seems to be the link of the day round the sphere, after its launch yesterday. It's trying to be a combination news wire and opinion blog site from what I can tell, and so far it doesn't look so great to me, though I'll give it some time to find its footing. Starting up such a venture is not so easy to do, I would imagine.

For news, it will take some work to overtake people's habits of checking CNN, Yahoo, Fox, Drudge, the papers and Google News. For opinion, I like sites where you have some idea the kind of commentary you'll be getting, like a Slate, Gadflyer or Opinion Journal. I prefer blogs with an individual voice, generally. A lot of group blogs succeed to the extent that the different bloggers chat and comment amongst themselves, either through tons of posting (see The Corner) or discussion forums (Sports Frog, Begging to Differ). I also have no feel for what kind of topics Arianna's new venture intends to discuss.

Thus far The Huffington Blog just looks like they got a bunch of famous people to write on whatever they wanted and threw it all together, which probably isn't the best way to build a coherent site that has a following. There is a form for tips on the page, so maybe they'll try to get into breaking some stories on there. In any case, I'll be monitoring them via the RSS feeds.