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Monday, May 02, 2005

Farewell to the Quiet Man

I'm saddened by John Ruiz's announcement that he is retiring from boxing, and Ron Borges has an excellent account of the decision in today's Globe. The piece is slightly marred by this, though:

When it was over, two judges had Toney winning, 116-111. The third had it 115-112. It was reported the Globe card had Ruiz winning, 115-114, but upon a recheck yesterday morning, even it came down on the side of the new champion, 115-114.

How does a newspaper mess up reporting the result from its own scorecard?

The Ruiz story is sad since he's a nice guy who was repeatedly screwed over. But it all goes to prove that in an entertainment business, it helps to be entertaining. And besides, this was boxing, that did he expect?