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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Driving Miss Patrick II

Still no answer to my question a little while back about whether there's any reason a woman can't succeed at NASCAR like she can't succeed in, say, pro football or basketball against men. Perhaps this will be clarified with the Indy 500 actually occurring this weekend.

There's also quite a media circus gathered 'round Danica Patrick as of now, and garyclark breaks it down rather bluntly:

The main reason Danica Patrick is getting all of this attention isn't because she's the first woman to race in the Indy 500 (she isn't), nor even that she qualified to race 4th (though that's part of it). The main reason she's getting all of this attention is that Danica Patrick is hot and embraces her hotness. And males, especially male sporting fans, couldn't be happier. If you replaced rednecks with hotties in auto racing, the ratings would exponentially increase.

I have to admit I've heard a few references to Danica Patrick nearly "grabbing the pole position" and... well you can finish that one for yourselves, this is a family web site.