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Monday, May 16, 2005

Deval Patrick

It's never too early to start discussing the Mass 2006 Governor's Race! Frederick Clarkson's DKos diary includes reactions and full text of the speech by Deval Patrick at this past weekend's Democratic state convention. Patrick, best known as the Clinton admin's civil rights point man, has already announced his designs on the corner office, and he's now traveling the state campaigning.

The speech is worth a read. I especially like the attacks on Mitt Romney:

I see Fleet and Gillette and Hancock pull out and take jobs out of state with them, while our Governor travels the country making us the butt of his jokes. ...

I see so many people suffering from Alzheimer's, diabetes and other diseases, while our Governor plays politics with their one chance for hope, stem cell research. ...

I see a Governor who calls for the death penalty and in the same instant cuts local aid so that we can't pay for cops we need on the street.

I see time and energy devoted to debating whether to discriminate against gays who want to marry, while the pressing business of building our economy, building our public schools, and rebuilding our shattered public health system goes unaddressed.

Then there's a nice optimistic bit toward the end:

When I was growing up, my grandmother grew roses- on the South Side of Chicago, no less, a place not generally known as a garden spot. Early in a spring morning, she would go out into the little back yard behind our tenement. She would pick up trash, clear away broken glass and work that soil- and I want to tell you that that soil had things in it that God would never put in dirt.

But she grew her roses. From one cutting I remember she grew a climber that reached nearly two stories up the side of our tenement. It was magnificent. And it was improbable. Especially in that soil. In that place. But she tended her garden.

Well, a soil like our ancient Massachusetts soil, sown with the seeds of division and mistrust, cultivated too often by cynics, and choking in places with the weeds of old politics, may not seem like fertile ground to some of you. But it is ours. We must tend our garden.

From what I read, Patrick is a good speaker, which probably makes his strong rhetoric even stronger as delivered (the enthusiastic blog reviews from those who witnessed the address attest to this).

The knock on him thus far seems to be that he was a well-paid corporate lawyer the last few years, which somehow corrupted him. I seriously doubt he can be any worse in that regard than Mitt Romney, though; it's probably more of an automatic suspicion of corporate bigwigs from some in the liberal crowd, not something that would prove a hindrance in a general election.

My uninformed guess is that a far greater impediment to Mr. Patrick's success will be his outsider status since Tom Reilly and Bill Galvin presumably have more favors to call in, having operated in Mass politics for longer. Even so, the charisma factor is a wild card, and Deval Patrick bears watching.

Also see: Elias Nugator's report from seeing Patrick in the flesh. He made the similar point that, "Heard some grumblings on the way out about Patrick's stint as a corporation lawyer, but that's to be expected with this crowd."