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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Amnesty is "shrill", Friedman is still clueless

So says the general in charge of running the Guantanamo prison that Amnesty International deemed a "gulag" in a report issued the other day. When exactly did "shrill" become the favorite put-down word for this administration and its minions to use against critics?

Meanwhile, it seems it's finally dawned on Tommy Friedman that holding lots of people in a prison camp for years with no charges and abusing them isn't such a grand idea. Friedman still seems more concerned with US strategic interests in pissing off others than the basic wrongness of the whole setup, though. "This is not just deeply immoral, it is strategically dangerous," the columnist writes, before warning of Gitmo's use as a terrorist recruitment tool. But isn't being merely "deeply immoral" enough, Tom?

UPDATE: A much better Friedman takedown.