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Monday, April 04, 2005

Prelude to a Blog Post

I'm sitting here watching the CBS pregame show for the college basketball championship game, which they have dubbed "Prelude to a Championship." Prelude? Is that a word they use in TV these days?

I am picking Illinois, the team I picked before the start of the tournament. I think that good guard play beats good inside play in the college game, and we'll know if I'm right soon enough. I would find it amusing if Bruce Weber (someone give that man a voice, please) choked tonight, since UNC's last title came when a guy named Webber choked memorably in 1993. I'm also predicting that the X-factor in tonight's game will be one of the five or so principals named Williams. (I made a similar Williams joke recently and was told I was a racist--any thoughts on that?)

To be mildly serious for a moment, I think some of the reaction to the Alex Sanchez steroids suspension is stupid. People may want to see a name player get punished to prove the drug testing program is legit, but the reality is that the guys most tempted to use substances to get ahead are more marginal players who really need it or else they'll be out of work. The only Red Sox steroid case I can recall in recent years was Manny Alexander, a light-hitting utility infielder.

Time for that one shining moment every year when I really enjoy Luther Vandross music.