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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Journey to the Planet Dorkdom

So, Matt Yglesias linked a Julian Sanchez post analyzing some dialogue from the Star Wars: Episode III script (aside: how is the script of a movie that has yet to be released on the internet?). In perusing the above links, I encountered some highly dorky Star Wars discussion in the blog comments, and this from the Hit & Run thread took the cake:

I used to know this girl who was a big Star Wars fan. For about two years we wrote and e-mailed each other soft-core pornographic stories, with idealized versions of ourselves as the main characters, set in the Star Wars universe just prior to the time of The Phantom Menace.

Wait, that's not even the dorky part. In my personalized Star Wars pornographic fanfic, I tried to work some libertarian philosophizing into the background. (My character came from a semi-anarchistic planet that was sort of a cross between medieval Iceland and modern-day Somalia.) Now that's dorky.

Suddenly, my own life seems way less pathetic--thanks, Stevo Dorkly!