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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Get Your Pope On

Had enough of those guys in the frilly costumes and pointy hats on TV yet?

I see the Pope considered retiring back in 2000, which would have spared us the last five years of witnessing his public decrepitude. I was a supporter of this idea of papal retirement way back in February in fact.

In other news, yesterday Grammar Police was on CNN and today it got linked by Wonkette. I remember back when Kriston Capps was a wee blogspotter!

Finally, check out this hilarious book cover for Byron York's farcical "Vast Lwft Wing Conspiracy." Maybe if those heavy hitters like David Sirota and Buzzflash could do a little bit more "conspiring" the Democrats and liberal-minded folk might not be entirely shut out of power in this country. A few more lines on the cover and you'd see "Dimmy Karras", please.