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Friday, April 29, 2005

Brawling: what is it good for?

The Red Sox-Devil Rays suspensions are official, and I'm dismayed at this latest bout of idiocy from baseball. There is no good reason for these sorts of things. Supposedly you have to retaliate when your guy gets hit, but I don't see how getting people on your team suspended and thrown out of games really helps you in the long run. Then there are some who point to the ARod-Varitek brawl from last summer as the event that sparked the Red Sox playoff run. I personally don't think such situations should have to be the kind of thing that gets pro athletes to start performing.

I do have to give Nixon some credit for his creativity in these matters, based on his "accidentally" throwing his bat at a pitcher in Tampa a few years back when it somehow slipped out of his hands on a swing. The all-time award, though, has to go to Izzy Alcantra, who first kicked the catcher before taking off for the mound in a 2001 AAA game.

Also, can we put an end to this "Curt on the car phone" garbage? Schilling is a legendary performer, no doubt, but he seems to lower himself by engaging in the talk radio garbage. And for the record, the D-Rays lost plenty of games before Piniella arrived (after winning a World Series in Cincinnati and 116 games in one season in Seattle), they just lose because they have no good players.