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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Anthony Williams Sends Peter Angelos a Love Letter

It's on the WaPo op-ed page today and it makes little sense regarding the Nationals' TV situation:

More important for fans: The number of games scheduled for over-the-air television this season is 79 -- more than almost any other team. By comparison, the New York Yankees will show just 21 games over the air, while the Boston Red Sox plan to air 28 and the Los Angeles Dodgers 25.

Very deceptive use of the statistics here. "Over-the-air" TV is no great shakes since most people have cable now. The fact is that Red Sox and Yankees fans can watch every single game their teams play. Nationals fans (who include among them many Yankee and Red Sox transplants to the DC area) are used to being able to follow a team like that, so it's not surprising they are upset about this idiocy of putting half the games on TV. What the hell is that?

NESN is even on basic cable in Boston as of a few years ago, and it's never been an issue for people up there who want to see the games.

Also, what is up with having a home opener at night? Home openers are supposed to be day games.