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Saturday, March 19, 2005

March Sadness + Cellucci Saddled with Debt

BC is out of the tournament after dropping an 83-75 game to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee this evening. Everyone revels in the upsets this time of year, but no one mentions who much it sucks to watch your team on the other end, somehow getting beaten by Crapass U. I'll just say it really blows to see the other side out-hustling and out-executing you and the whole arena--even the overexcited announcers--unabashedly rooting for the lower seed to pull it off. Well, they did. Good luck against Illinois, you'll need it.

While I'm posting, I'll mention the hilarious story of Paul Cellucci taking a job with a racetrack company after resigning as the ambassador to Canada. As you might recall back when Cellucci was elected Massachusetts governor in 1998, his opponent Scott

Harshbarger also created controversy by calling on Cellucci to explain more about his personal debt, which has mounted to more than $700,000.

Some rumors floated around that the acting guv (who had taken over in '96 when Weld left for the ill-fated attempt to become ambassador to Mexico) had amassed such a debt because of his penchant for wagering big at the track (in one debate Cellucci blamed it on having two kids in college at the time--which doesn't account for quite $700k, of course). The new career move may help revive these rumors, and I hope the Globe/Herald delve a bit more into that angle in the coming days.