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Saturday, February 26, 2005

John Chaney: A Poor, Black Man's Bobby Knight

In case you missed it, Temple basketball coach John Chaney ordered a player to commit hard fouls in a game against St. Joseph's earlier this week, resulting in an opposing player suffering a broken arm. Chaney has been suspended by the Atlantic 10 and I agree with those saying the penalty isn't enough. I think Temple should fire John Chaney.

This is a man with a history of losing control. Back in 1994, after a Temple loss to UMass, Chaney went after UMass coach John Calipari, threatening to kill him. He literally yelled, "I'll kill you!" in front of a bunch of cameras as he was restrained from getting closer to Calipari (see #8 here).

Chaney isn't someone who should be shaping young men's lives. For some reason he gets lots of respect, but so did Bob Knight, and eventually Knight's three national championships weren't enough to save his position at Indiana. Chaney has similarly been entrenched for decades at Temple, but unlike Knight, Chaney hasn't even been to the Final Four (he's got a few regional final appearances). Plus, Chaney always looks like hell, like he's been drinking all night and day before showing up for the game.

While I'm dissing old college basketball coaches, Gene Keady is suffering through a disastrous final season as coach at Purdue. I wonder if the school will retire his hideous hairpiece after he's done?