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Monday, February 14, 2005

Goodbye Google Hits

This Atrios post also applies to this blog, presumably because it's also on Blogspot. I used to be the top Google result for Dimmy Karras (and Dimmy and Karras, etc.). Not anymore. What gives, Google? Doesn't Google, like, own Blogger now? Why the hostility in the search rankings all of a sudden?

Just so I can pretend I had a point in this post, I give you this article for Valentine's Night on the Vermont Teddy Bear Company's "Crazy for You" Bear:

The decision to market the bear, and to keep doing so even in the face of widespread criticism that its straitjacket and "commitment report" made it insensitive toward people with mental illness, has put the Shelburne-based company under the spotlight among business ethicists and public relations executives around the country.

So we're not allowed to make fun of crazy people now? Who's left that it's OK to mock?