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Monday, February 07, 2005

Feeling Kind of Embarrassed

When the Patriots won their first Super Bowl, I felt pure joy.

When the Patriots won their second Super Bowl, I felt more relieved than anything else--losing after having gone on a record win streak like they did last season would have really sucked.

When the Patriots won their third Super Bowl last night, I felt kind of embarrassed, to tell the truth. It's nice to win all the time, sure, but this is getting ridiculous. What did I do wrong for so many years of watching teams, enduring such punishment, that has reversed itself of late? And am I greedy to want to win four out of five, like some kind of Yankee fan? I don't even have the heart to needle to Eagles fans I know--OK, that's not entirely true, but it's only because they were a little annoying to me last week.

There also has to be some agony and heartache to make the victories feel good, and there really wasn't so much of that this year. Last year saw the rocky start with the Milloy release and the debacle in Buffalo to open the regular season, which the team admirably turned around. And of course, the 2001 season's drama will probably never be topped. What is the major obstacle overcome this year, a bunch of injuries to the secondary? Not the stuff Hollywood screenplays are made of exactly.

The greatest joy that could possible have been felt last night would have been by Philadelphia fans if the Eagles had won. Therefore, from a purely utilitarian standpoint, maybe it would have been good to see a Philly victory, since that would have provided the most happiness in the aggregate.

Is this hollow feeling what comes when you finally get what you always wanted? What more is there to hope for?

For the record, I don't feel this way about the Red Sox (yet!). We'll see if others share my victory fatigue when the attendance figures for the Pats' victory rally are made official.