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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Cathy Young's Column is Getting Old

In the middle of yesterday's post on Dan Kennedy blog (which helps me keep track of the Boston-area media pissing matches), he links to ombud Christine Chinlund in yesterday's Globe. Kennedy links through to his previous posts explaining the nastiness between Cathy Young and Eric Alterman, and Chinlund yesterday basically says that Young was wrong to call Alterman a self-hating Jew. Editor and Publisher's take here.

Beyond the particulars of that spat, I've been wondering what the hell Cathy Young is doing writing a column complaining about something Eric Alterman wrote on Altercation. If I had a column in the Boston Globe, I think I would try to find bigger fish to fry than debunking someone's blog post, Jeez. In fact, I find Young's column pretty tiresome in general, and I wonder why the more refreshing and thought-provoking writers at Hit & Run don't get the Globe gig instead. Seniority is probably the answer.